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Organic Superfood Juices

As recommended and used by Dr. Dhesi at Rutland Aesthetics to nourish and boost patients’ skin from within. Research shows that 80% of us think we are eating healthy, however, only 5% are actually getting sufficient nutrients from our food which is why we have teamed up with Britt Foods.

Wheatgrass superfood organic glass
Women drinking wheatgrass

WHEATGRASS - One of nature's wonders and finest health supporter?

Did you know, wheatgrass is high in Vitamins A, B5, B12 and E. It can help to reduce your cholesterol, helps prevent inflammatory changes, boosts energy and reduces tiredness and fatigue, helps with your physical and mental health, promotes healthy skin and hair,  and supports a healthy digestion system.

Join the Juice Club

Rutland Aesthetics clients are joining the Juice Club, and you can too. It’s so simple, and you will experience the immediate and longer-term restorative benefits on your immune system, skin, hair, mental performance and energy levels.

Here’s how it works:


A monthly subscription programme designed to make your life easier and hassle-free.


Mix and match from our wide range of juices to suit your needs.


It’s a rolling subscription contact which you can cancel at any time.


We let you know before each time we are ready to ship or you can choose a regular delivery day.

Included in all plans

  • 110% Health Guarantee
  • Exclusive Discount Codes
  • Long term benefits
  • Exclusive loyalty bonus
  • Weekly health advice
  • Free gifts
  • Free delivery
  • Unique recipe video

Health benefits

Organic superfood juices have a high nutritional value. Frozen immediately, they are natural energy boosters and contain high levels of antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes needed for good health.

No. 1 live wheatgrass juice

Field-grown, organic and freshly frozen – the most nutritious Wheatgrass on the market.

5 Top Tips to optimise your health and feel 10 years younger

1) 1.5 lbs greens – Wheatgrass juice – nutrients 2) Omega3 Oils 3) Drink 1.5 – 2 litres water daily 4) Lifestyle control fat, sugar levels and exercise 5) Probiotics, vitamin D and K2.

How to Join as Britt's Superfood Business Partner

Simply become a Juice Club customer for £88 every second month (bag price £44).
For your contact: they get 2 weeks extra juice for free if they come referred by you (value £30).

Everyone, customers and Business Partners alike, benefit from 1 bag Superfood juice Free per month if they refer 2 new customers. And 2 bags per month free if they refer 6 new customers.