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Brow Lines

brow lines

Brow Lines

Brow lines, frown lines, the ‘elevens’ – whatever you might call them, the two stubborn wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows are not what you’d call a sight for sore eyes.

While a couple of cheek dimples and a hint of crow lines are almost always indicative of time well spent laughing and smiling, brow lines appear as a result of ageing and continual frowning and squinting.

The muscles in our face are not as thick and sturdy as the muscles on the rest of our body and tend to lose their elasticity and tone much faster there. Every movement of the eyes, eyebrows, jaw and cheeks leaves our facial muscles creasing at the same spot over and over again.

The constant, repetitive creasing is what causes lines and wrinkles on the face, as the creased area stops being elastic and loses much of its volume.
Brow lines tend to be the most visible fine lines that appear on the face, and are particularly hard to mask with makeup and treat with over the counter products.

Frown lines have a nasty tendency of appearing even in women as young as 30, which is why they’re one of the most commonly treated areas of the face.

How to get rid of frown lines

The ageing of the skin is a natural process that, despite our best and incredibly persistent efforts, cannot ultimately be avoided. Lines and wrinkles are an inevitable byproduct of our age and environment and trying to eliminate them entirely almost never results in a healthy or a natural look.

However, that isn’t to say that taking preventive measures and trying to look as healthy and youthful as possible is something you shouldn’t spend your time on.

brow lines wrinkles
Brow Line Wrinkles

Cosmetic procedures are now becoming much more widespread and accepted, not to mention more available and affordable.

And while we are advocates for always going the extra mile to preserve a youthful and glowing look, be it with dermal fillers or cosmetic surgery, it should still be a last resort, and never the first choice.

Frown lines are one of the most common and, unfortunately, the most visible wrinkles that form on the face. Constant squinting, peeking, frowning and grimacing put a strain on the area between your eyebrows, which ultimately results in excessive creasing of the muscles and the loss of volume.

how to get rid of frown lines
How to get rid of frown lines

The lines, sometimes also referred to as ‘the elevens’, are the dents that form atop the crease in the muscle tissue. The loss of elasticity, mainly collagen, as well as the overall volume of the muscle, can be more or less prominent depending on its cause.

Brow lines can affect both men and women as young as 30, and can often seem like quite unsightly lines on an otherwise plump, youthful face.

Many people immediately jump to dermal fillers or Botox injections to treat the area between the eyebrows. While its effects are immediate and the treatment itself is incredibly useful, it should never be the first resort.

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How to Treat Brow Lines

While brow lines might seem like a pretty persistent and unsolvable problem, there are, in fact, many different ways they can be treated.

  • Brow lines treatment long-term options

    Change your frowning habits

    Younger skin has a much better chance of regenerating itself and re-establishing the volume of the facial muscle. If you are in your mid or late 30s, there is a high probability that your frown lines will become less visible in time if you try to limit the grimaces you make.
    If you keep squinting due to poor eyesight, a pair of subscription glasses will help you release some of the pressure you put on the area between your eyebrows.

    Use over the counter skin care regiments

    There is a wide variety of OTC skin care regiments specially designed to target brow lines.

    And while most of the brand name products are effective, seeing any significant results might take as long as four or five months.

    You should also bear in mind that the effectiveness of these products significantly lowers with age and that the best results are seen in treating newly formed brow lines.

    Quit smoking

    Everyone knows that there are no health benefits associated with smoking. In fact, it comes with plenty of risks. However, few people acknowledge the fact that it accelerates the ageing process, which includes deepening your frown lines.

    When you smoke, you reduce the blood flow your face benefits from. As a result, you’re less likely to support the muscles that provide structure to the areas where frown lines appear. Also, smoking affects your body’s collagen and elastin production. Because of this, if you’re a smoker, you’re more likely to experience frown lines at an early age than other people.

    If you’ve found brow lines appearing and you’re struggling to quit smoking, try using smoking cessation aids. This can include nicotine patches, gum, and sprays. At the same time, take note of the triggers that make you want to smoke. For many people, this includes alcohol and caffeine. Avoiding them for a little while may make you less likely to smoke. An efficient way to approach your triggers is to replace them with something else. For example, instead of having a cup of coffee, reach for water.

    Combat the antioxidants you’re encountering each day

    Whether you live in the rural countryside or a bustling city, your face comes into contact with pollutants. Apparently, living in an urban area means you’ll come into contact with more. However, either way, once they nestle into your face, they cause free radicals to appear.

    Said free radicals would accelerate the ageing process, which means you’re damaging your skin’s DNA. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s difficult to avoid said pollutants altogether. However, there are measures you can take to reduce the effect they have on your skin.

    Exfoliate and use a cleanser

    While exfoliating removes dead layers of skin, using a cleanser as part of your daily routine removes the pollutants that trigger free radicals. Try exfoliating once or twice a week, and cleanse on a regular basis. You may find that the best time to cleanse is when you remove your makeup at night, as this is also the time when free radicals have had their chance to attack your skin.

    When you’re choosing a cleanser, aim for one that’s appropriate for your skin type. Most manufacturers will state whether their cleansers are ideal for dry, oily, or combination skin. Finding the right one prevents further aesthetic concerns, such as dull skin tone.

    Drink more water

    Your body contains useful organs that tackle free radicals from the inside. However, for them to reach their maximum potential, they rely on you being hydrated. Said organs include your kidneys and liver, which have excellent toxin clearing functions. Make sure you work alongside them by ‘flushing’ toxins away with more water. At the same time, watch out for activities that make you dehydrated, such as drinking diuretics like coffee and alcohol.

    If you’re struggling to drink more water, try investing in a decent reusable bottle and carry it with you wherever you go. When you have a bottle of water to hand, you’re more likely to sip from it. In addition to reducing your brow lines, drinking more water will benefit your overall health.

    Tweak your diet

    Another way to tackle free radicals from the inside is to tweak your diet. This means eating more fruit and veg, lean proteins, and good fats. While lean proteins support the production of collagen, good fats boost your skin’s structure, and fruit and vegetables come with antioxidants that combat free radicals on your behalf. If you’re leading a busy lifestyle, the best way to approach this is to ‘eat a rainbow.’ In doing so, you’ll provide your body with lots of antioxidants, and your skin will see the benefits.

    Botox injections

    Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, which is no surprise when taking into consideration its incredible versatility of use and an overwhelming effectiveness when treating a variety of different conditions.

    Brow lines are one of the most common areas treated with Botox®. Botox is extremely effective in reducing the lines that form between the eyebrows, no matter how deep or old they are.

  • Getting rid of brow lines with cosmetic treatments

    Unfortunately, many of the interventions we’ve mentioned above are preventative measures rather than curative. In other words, if you don’t start using them early enough, you won’t stand a high chance of reducing your brow lines.

    Frown lines are one of the most common reasons for using cosmetic treatments. The most popular approach involves using “Botox type injections.” If you’re considering using them to reduce lines between your eyebrows, it’s worth learning a little more about what they are and how they work.

    Using Botox Type Injections to Tackle Frown Lines

    Botox is a protein that the bacteria Clostridium botulinum produces. In other words, it’s a natural substance, and when a professional with the right training uses it, they’ll tackle your frown lines and leave you looking younger.

    When someone injects Botox between the eyebrows, they block the signals that move from the nerves that serve the muscles there, to the muscles themselves. As a result, the muscles relax, which then either eliminates or reduces your brow lines. When you block the signal that’s moving from the nerve to the muscle, your frown lines become less apparent, as the muscles causing them to relax.

    Whether or not you see a complete reduction or a slight elimination depends on your age and how deep set the frown lines are. For example, someone who seeks treatment in their thirties may see them disappear altogether, while an older person might just make them look less apparent.

    In both instances, there are aesthetic benefits. If you’re young and using Botox type injections to tackle your frown lines, you’ll see almost a complete reduction. As for those of you who are older, you’ll notice a significant difference.

    Therefore Treating brow lines with injectables like Botox is an incredibly effective and straightforward process.

    Botulinum toxin, most commonly known by its brand name Botox®, is a neurotoxic protein that blocks the release of neurotransmitters from the cells of the muscle, causing it to become partially or fully paralysed.

    When hearing the word ‘paralysed’ in connection with the muscles of the face, many people become discouraged from looking further into Botox injections. The paralysed facial muscles people most commonly associate with Botox are always the result of an extremely high dose of the toxin being injected into areas concentrated around the eyes and eyebrows.

    Contrary to popular belied, Botox injections can be one of the most effective and long-lasting treatments for brow lines. This is because after a certain number of procedures (the exact amount of which will depend on each patient) the muscles injected with Botox become much better in maintaining their volume and shape than before the treatment.

    Botox is injected right beneath the first layer of the epidermis, or directly beneath the actual line formed on the skin. This provides the skin with instant plumpness and youthfulness and allows the muscles beneath the skin the time to relax and start regenerating.

    Botox is almost always injected at an angle to ensure it doesn’t reach the lower layers of the epidermis and cause pain, swelling, bruising, or any other adverse effect associated with the treatment.

    Brow lines Botox treatments usually last no longer than 10 or 15 minutes, after which the patients are free to return to their normal daily activities. To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the procedure is usually repeated every 3 to 4 months, with the exact dosage of the toxin varying from treatment to treatment.

    After about 3 or 4 treatments, the area between the eyebrows will become used to a decrease in the amount and intensity of muscle movements, thus decreasing the number of future Botox treatments.

How Can Rutland Aesthetics Help

In the UK, those who inject Botox type injections need specific qualifications to use them. As medically trained professionals, the Rutland Aesthetics team holds said qualifications, which means they can use them accurately and safely.

Your journey to reducing frown lines will begin with a consultation. During your meeting, your clinician will discuss the following:

  • Your past medical history
  • Whether it’s safe for you to use Botox type injections
  • How many treatments you’ll need
  • The type of results you can expect

If you’re ready to begin tackling your brow lines and wrinkles using different products or services such as injectable treatments, give our team a call, and we’ll start the consultation process.

*Please note that a medical consultation is required before having the treatment.  Book online or call for an appointment.