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What is Dull Skin

dull skin

Tired and Dull Skin

Over the years, lots of men and women find that their skin becomes dull and lifeless. While this isn’t a ‘condition’ in itself, it is an irritating part of the ageing process that many would like to address.

This ageing process begins in your early twenties, which is when your skin starts to produce less collagen and elastin. From the moment, you exit your teenage years; you’ll lose around one-percent of your collagen per year. Why is this important? Because it’s the protein that keeps your skin looking plump. At the same time, elastin works alongside it to ensure it looks tight. When they start to deplete together, you’ll encounter wrinkles, sagging, and other aesthetically-displeasing features that make you look old.

Tired and dull skin is a common problem. It’s not usually dangerous, and as it happens so slowly, few people address it urgently. However, if you catch tired and dull skin early enough, you can reduce how quickly it happens. This means:

  • A healthy glow as you age
  • Fewer deep-set wrinkles
  • Better skin volume

There are a few ways you can achieve this. From addressing lifestyle factors through to cosmetic treatments, we’ll guide you through how the team at Rutland Aesthetics can help you treat your tired and dull skin.

Why is my skin dull?

Skin dullness can affect people of both sexes and all ages but is most prominent in women. While dull skin is most likely to develop due to age, there are various other factors that can contribute to the appearance of dull skin even in younger people.

Not exfoliating

One of the most common causes of dull skin is a failure to exfoliate.
Exfoliating removes the topmost layer of the skin consisting of dead skin cells and excess oil, which speeds up the natural skin renewal process. Exfoliating leaves the skin smooth and creates a healthy glow. Frequent exfoliating can also help prevent lots of other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, etc. Watch this external video how to exfoliate properly.

Not moisturising

Constant exposure to the elements and frequent use of makeup causes microscopic cracks to form on the surface of the skin. If these cracks are not filled in with a moisturising agent, the skin will appear dry and sullen, lacking volume and greyish.

Daily moisturising is necessary to replace the lipids (natural fats) missing from the skin, and maintain a smooth and healthy skin surface.

Why is my skin dull - What is dull skin
Your skin


Failing to provide your body with enough fluids can deplete the volume of the blood pumped into the face. With less blood flowing through the face, the skin loses its colour and radiance, resulting in a pale, greyish tone and lack of volume. So, start drinking more water, cut back on your salt intake, and eat more fruit and veg, which usually have a high-water content in themselves.


Did you know that the nicotine in your cigarettes causes your blood vessels to narrow? As a result, your skin will look dry, and you won’t experience that natural glow that a lot of people have. Also, the chemicals you find in cigarettes break down collagen and elastin and prevents your body from producing them in abundance. As a result, you look old before your time.

How to treat dull skin
Makeup remover dries the skin


Certain types of makeup, especially Mattifying foundations, powders and concealers can dry out the skin, resulting in a dull look. Using makeup removers and lotions that contain alcohol also dries out the skin, reducing its glow.

Exposure to the elements

Exposure to the sun, wind and pollution can deplete the skin’s natural moisture. When dried out, the skin is more likely to decrease its collagen production, resulting in a pale, sullen look.

Exposure to pollution can also impact the colour of the skin, with dirt and pollutant, build up creating a greyish appearance. Overexposure to the sun can dry out the skin and cause hyperpigmentation, all of which add to an overall ‘sickly’ and tired look of the skin.

Using a cleanser removes the free radicals, while exfoliating sheds dead skin cells, encouraging your skin to generate a fresher looking layer.

Not having a good skincare routine

On that note, failing to have a decent skincare routine that involves a nourishing moisturiser will also lead to the tired and dull skin. The earlier you introduce a good moisturiser, the better. Try to find one that targets your specific age group, as cosmetic companies are experts when it comes to factoring in ingredients that’ll nourish your skin. Choose one for the day and one for the night, and consider using a serum too.

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How to treat dull skin?

While preventing dull skin is much simpler than it sounds, many people don’t start until it’s too late for any drastic improvements to be seen.

However, there is a wide array of treatments available for dull skin, all of which are effective in creating a healthy, glowing complexion.

The treatments for dull skin include:

  • Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion acts like an intensive version of exfoliating. Through aiming small particles at your face at a rapid speed, your aesthetician will remove the upper layer of skin, encouraging a new and fresh layer to grow below.

    Many people refer to Microdermabrasion as a ‘lunchtime facial,’ because it’s a procedure that lasts around half-an-hour. After removing the upper layer of skin, which is primarily dead skin cells anyway, it triggers your body to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, your skin looks fresher and plumper, allowing you to feel youthful.

    After Microdermabrasion, your skin will probably feel a bit sensitive for a while. However, the team at Rutland aesthetics will provide aftercare advice that helps you keep your skin safe. In addition to making it glow and look more youthful, this procedure can also reduce acne and greasiness, which means it comes with multiple benefits.

  • Redermalisation

    As a relatively innovative technique, redermalisation can repair and hydrate tired and dull skin, allowing you to walk away looking fresh. The procedure involves injecting substances called hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate using a special technique that rejuvenates the skin.

    Together, both substances will achieve the following:

    • They block free radicals, which means your skin is less likely to look dull and tired following exposure to pollution.
    • Hyaluronic acid brings moisture back to your skin, which is ideal if it otherwise looks dry.
    • Finally, they both encourage your body to produce more collagen and elastin, which work together to make you look more youthful.

    Most people have between three and six treatment therapies to see the full benefits. Such therapies take place with two to three weeks between each session. In addition to making your skin look less dull and tired, redermalisation will reduce pigmentation.

  • Blue peels®

    Blue Peels are a specialist form of skin peel that cosmetic professionals refer to as a ‘medium level treatment.’ By penetrating the skin, a little deeper than most other peels, they accelerate the skin transformation process, encouraging it to look less tired and dull.

    As with many other treatments, Blue Peels achieve this by encouraging more collagen and elastin production. They’re more effective than light peels, but as they don’t work in the deeper layers of your skin, you can enjoy them as an ‘in-office’ procedure.

    Some of the critical benefits of Blue Peels include:

    • They tackle fine lines and wrinkles
    • They’ll address uneven skin tone
    • You’ll have fewer blemishes
    • You can reduce age spots


How Can Rutland Aesthetics Help

At Rutland Aesthetics, we provide an array of cosmetic treatments that tackle tired and dull skin. Before deciding which treatment is right for you, we need to begin a consultation process. After an assessment from our team, we can determine which approach will restore your youthful and healthy glow.

In addition to providing tired and dull skin treatments, we’ll offer lifestyle advice that’ll make the results last longer. Through a combination of your efforts and our expertise, you’ll enjoy healthier looking skin that you’re proud to flaunt.

*Please note that a medical consultation is required before having the treatment. Book online or call for an appointment.